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Marine Drive on the Eastern Shore

The Eastern Shore is a place to explore a less travelled Nova Scotia. For the traveler, there are many outdoor activity choices, but with fewer crowds. River canoeing, kayaking are popular, but for those who just want to spend a few gentle (and drier) hours communing with nature, the eastern shore offers a network museums, historical attractions plus great walking and hiking and trails.

Eastren Shore Nova Scotia

In Musquodoboit Harbour you'll find the Musquodoboit Railway Museum. Housed in a beautifully restored, Canadian National railway station built in 1918, this museum illustrates the important role the railroad played in the growth of our region, province and our country. Part of the old rail line has been converted into the 14.5 km -8.99mi Musquodoboit Trailway. This woodland walking and hiking trail takes you along the Musquodoboit River, past lakes and granite ridges, to Gibraltar Rock, where more spectacular views await you.

Once you are rested from your hike, return to Route 7 and follow it along to Jeddore Oyster Pond, where you can explore what life was like for the average fisherman and his family in the early twentieth century at the Fisherman's Life Museum. Guides in period clothes will take you on a tour of the house and stage informative recreations of a time and quality of life that made an enormous contribution to our heritage and culture.

Continuing east along Route 7, you'll arrive in Lake Charlotte, home to Memory Lane Heritage Village. This community-owned living heritage museum brilliantly recreates a rural Nova Scotia community from the 1940s. Almost all of the buildings in the village — the general store, church, schoolhouse, barn, icehouse and outhouse — were rescued from around the region, lovingly restored, and moved to Memory Lane. On nearby side road will take you to Clam Harbour Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia. Its broad, seemingly endless ribbon of sand is ideal for a seaside stroll — as is the adjacent hiking trail.

Next, continue along Route 7 to Tangier, home of the world-famous J. Willy Krauch & Sons Smokeshop and its mouthwatering array of wood-smoked fish, like Atlantic Salmon, mackerel and eel awaits you. Take time to visit the Prince Alfred Memorial Arch located at Masons Point, built in recognition of the prince's visit in 1861.

Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia

Route 7 continues along the coastline past Spry Harbour, where you'll find a road that will take you to Taylor Head Provincial Park. Considered by many to be among the finest coastal trail systems on North America's eastern seaboard, Taylor Head offers both gentle walks and hardy hikes that encompass the rich diversity of our seacoast landscapes.

Further along 7, you'll arrive in Sheet Harbour, where you'll find the MacPhee House Community Museum. This unique museum illustrates what life was like along the Eastern Shore in the days before plastic, with a number of interesting artifacts and curios that will delight, intrigue and challenge young and old alike.

From Sheet Harbour, you can go inland along Route 224 to Upper Musquodoboit, and follow it until you reach Elmsvale. Turn left and make your way to the Moose River Gold Mine. The mine was the site of a 1936 mining disaster that kept listeners around the world glued to their radios for updates on the fate of three trapped men. Two were rescued over the twelve-day ordeal. Today, the Moose River Provincial Park commemorates the site of the rescue, and the Moose River Gold Mine Museum houses many fascinating artifacts of the region's mining history.

From Sheet Harbour heading on to Sherbrooke, the Bay of Islands is a stretch of unspoiled vistas along the coast. Small fishing communities dot the highway and everywhere, the forests are ablaze with colour in the fall and reflected in the rivers, lakes and coves. This area is home to many sea kayak routes and 4 of the province's 30 proposed wilderness areas.

From Sherbrooke to Antigonish, Highway 7 ambles along the St. Mary's River through one of the most stunning autumn drives in the whole province. This is an area of rolling farmlands where Dutch dairy and crop farmers spread their countryside charm over the landscape, a treasure for painters and photographers. The area is also home to the Golldenville Goldmine Interpretive Centre.

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